Network Attached Storage (NAS) with eSATA Ports

Just a few days after we’ve included the functionality to search for dlna certified nas, we’ve now made another improvement which allows users to find NAS with the criteria of whether the NAS has eSATA ports on it.

Take a look at the following examples:
Synology NAS with eSATA Ports
2 Bay QNAP NAS with eSATA Ports
DLNA Certified NAS with eSATA Ports

All search results, product details and NAS comparisons have now been updated to reflect this new property.

eSATA Ports are useful for:

  • extending/expanding the available storage space on a NAS. The same can be achieved through USB but we all know eSATA provides faster speed.
  • backing up files from the NAS (as an offline copy or for emergency recovery).

We hope you find this new addition useful.

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